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Armory Forged

Average print time: 19 hours
  • Resin Printer ready
  • Pre-supported
  • Some glue required
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About this model

This is a LEGEND TIER EXCLUSIVE this means this model it’s only be available to that tier


1.0.2 (August 10, 2022)
Changes on the file names and reduction of material on many of the parts to at least 45%
part PSG-001 it's not merged with parts PSAF-001 and PSAF-004
Problem of resin leaking on previous parts since some parts are difficult to cure.
1.0.1 (January 1, 2022)
Missing wing_inside7x3.stl piece
1.0.0 (December 2, 2021)
Initial Release

Updates Notification

File List
This shell require Ghost 2.0 core. If you already print it, skip this warning.
File Print X times
PSG-003.stl8 times
PSG-005.stl4 times
PSG-007.stl12 times
PSAF-001.stl2 times
PSAF-002.stl2 times
PSAF-003.stl2 times
PSAF-004.stl2 times
PSAF-005.stl2 times
PSAF-006.stl2 times
PSAF-007.stl4 times
PSAF-008.stl4 times
PSAF-009.stl4 times
PSAF-010.stl2 times
PSAF-011.stl2 times
PSAF-012.stl2 times
PSAF-013.stl2 times
Pre-supported files
The pre-supported files are intended as a quick guide to help you to print the files, the pre-supported files are named like pre_[printer]_[name] for example: pre_sla_PSG-001.stl

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