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Armory Forged

Average print time: 19 hours
  • Resin Printer ready
  • Pre-supported
  • Some glue required
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About this model

This is a LEGEND TIER EXCLUSIVE this means this model it’s only be available to that tier


1.0.1 (January 1, 2022)
Missing wing_inside7x3.stl piece
1.0.0 (December 2, 2021)
Initial Release

Updates Notification

File List
This shell require Ghost 1.0 core. If you already print it, skip this warning.
File Print X times
PSG-001.stl4 times
PSG-007.stl12 times
axis_clamp.stl4 times
axis_knot.stl4 times
axis.stl4 times
circle_flap.stl2 times
flat_flap.stl2 times
horn_back.stl2 times
horn_front.stl2 times
pike_flat.stl2 times
pike_forge.stl2 times
wing_insert_left_back.stl2 times
wing_insert_left.stl2 times
wing_insert_right_back.stl2 times
wing_insert_back.stl2 times
wing_insert.stl4 times
wing_inside7x3.stl8 times
Pre-supported files
The pre-supported files are intended as a quick guide to help you to print the files, the pre-supported files are named like pre_[printer]_[name] for example: pre_sla_PSG-001.stl

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