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Generalist 1.1

File Size: 2.72 MB Last Update: November 29, 2021


In order to complete this Ghost you also need to download and print the Main Ghost core that can be downloaded here if you already download and print the Main Ghost, please skip this step

Pieces and Quantities

Use this table to check how many times you need to print every piece in order to print this model

File Name Quantity
cap.stl 4
pin.stl 12
wing_insert_left.stl 4
wing_insert_right.stl 4
wing_insert.stl 4
wing_inside.stl 8
wing.stl 3
wing_front_top.stl 1

Pre-supported files

The pre-supported files are intended as a quick guide to help you to print the files, the pre-supported files are named like for example:


September 10, 2021
Some 10x3mm magnets where removed from the wings to give more strength to the magnetic attachments since the previous model was weak for the magnet distance. Also the light cover was updated since the previous have some problems for being too much flexible

Light cover
(4) 3x6mm magnets to Wings inside part
(4) 10x3mm magnets from wings
September 03, 2021
Release version

Recommended FDM Settings:

Infill: 15%
Layer Height: 0.1500 mm
Supports: Yes

File Action
wing.stl Download
wing_inside.stl Download
wing_insert.stl Download
wing_insert_right.stl Download
wing_insert_left.stl Download
wing_front_top.stl Download
pin.stl Download
cap.stl Download
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