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Average print time: 18 hours
  • Resin Printer ready
  • Pre-supported
  • Glue Required
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About this model

This shell it’s rotate in order that can fid even on the small bed sizes, and I recommend to print the part PSH-014.stl on clear resin or just paint it on the same color of your shell.


1.0.0 (June 20, 2022)
Initial release

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File List
This shell require Ghost 2.0 core. If you already print it, skip this warning.
File Print X times
PSH-001.stl1 times
PSH-002.stl1 times
PSH-003.stl1 times
PSH-004.stl1 times
PSH-005.stl1 times
PSH-006.stl1 times
PSH-007.stl1 times
PSH-008.stl1 times
PSH-009.stl1 times
PSH-010.stl1 times
PSH-011.stl1 times
PSH-012.stl1 times
PSH-013.stl1 times
PSH-014.stl1 times
Pre-supported files
The pre-supported files are intended as a quick guide to help you to print the files, the pre-supported files are named like pre_[printer]_[name] for example: pre_sla_PSG-001.stl

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