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Speaker 2.0

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This shell require Ghost 2.0 core. If you already print it, skip this warning.

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This module require 4 SMD LED PLCC-2 35281 momoho BTS0011 speaker to make it work and some 30AWG wire or any other thin wire you have at hand, I put the store links on this post, gain you are free to get this from your local store.


Also if you’re going to print the Ghost 2.0 PCG2-003.stl in white, you can buy any blue LED, and if you print that part on blue, you need a white LED.

Quantity Description Price Link*
1 The Smallest Mini Bluetooth Speaker – Momoho BTS0011 Wireless Small Bluetooth US $20.97 eBay
1 The Smallest Mini Bluetooth Speaker – Momoho BTS0011 Wireless Small Bluetooth Speaker,Portable Speakers for Home/Outdoor/Travel,Rechargeable,Compatible with iPhone Samsung (Black) US$12.99 Amazon
20 20x SMD LED PLCC-2 3528 1210 warm white – weiß – blau – rot – grün – gelb- amber 3.00 EUR eBay
20 20 SMD LED PLCC-2 Grün, grüne LEDs SMDs 3528 green vert groene verde groen SMT 4.29 EUR eBay
10 10 x LED PLCC2 1210 3528 Cool Clear White SMD LEDs Super Ultra Bright PLCC-2 US $7.04 eBay
1 Cable de embalaje de prueba de aislamiento color 8-Wire P/N B-30-1000 250M 30AWG Estañado Cobre sólido Cable 280M US$18.77 Amazon


1.0.0 (June 9, 2022)
Initial Release
Inner space on the speaker body
design for the front speaker
The speaker body was changed since the previous version was only compatible with SLA printers and was impossible to be printed on FDM printers
Speaker body
This updates add a new cap (PMS2-003-USB_C.stl) to make the model compatible with the cases where the speaker have a charger connection with USB type C
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