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Speaker 2.0

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About this model

This module require 4 SMD LED PLCC-2 35281 momoho BTS0011 speaker to make it work and some 30AWG wire or any other thin wire you have at hand, I put the store links on this post, gain you are free to get this from your local store.


Also if you’re going to print the Ghost 2.0 PCG2-003.stl in white, you can buy any blue LED, and if you print that part on blue, you need a white LED.

Quantity Description Price Link*
1 The Smallest Mini Bluetooth Speaker – Momoho BTS0011 Wireless Small Bluetooth US $20.97 eBay
1 The Smallest Mini Bluetooth Speaker – Momoho BTS0011 Wireless Small Bluetooth Speaker,Portable Speakers for Home/Outdoor/Travel,Rechargeable,Compatible with iPhone Samsung (Black) US$12.99 Amazon
20 20x SMD LED PLCC-2 3528 1210 warm white – weiß – blau – rot – grün – gelb- amber 3.00 EUR eBay
20 20 SMD LED PLCC-2 Grün, grüne LEDs SMDs 3528 green vert groene verde groen SMT 4.29 EUR eBay
10 10 x LED PLCC2 1210 3528 Cool Clear White SMD LEDs Super Ultra Bright PLCC-2 US $7.04 eBay
1 Cable de embalaje de prueba de aislamiento color 8-Wire P/N B-30-1000 250M 30AWG Estañado Cobre sólido Cable 280M US$18.77 Amazon


1.0.0 (June 9, 2022)

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